Our Portfolio

Our staff have worked on the design and programming of many companies website, whether they are company Internet and/or Intranet (Internal access) sites, for specific or a complete projects.

Therefore we have an enormous amount of experience and expertise not only to advise, but also to design and/or program your project with the very latest skills.

Together with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to ensure that the project not only meets with your approval, but exceeds your original expectations. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our Case Studies:

We have worked with and for a range of different companies all over Manchester and the rest of the UK.

Our work is traditionally based in Manchester, but we have also reached out to those elsewhere as we believed we would be able to design their site the right way.

Please Note: Not all of the companies listed have been worked with, but we are hoping to in the near future.

  • Exterion Media – Media Scope was responsible for overlooking Exterion’s local and regional advertising content of the website. We illustrated their Manchester content, such as advertising cost, formats and how to book on certain advertising formats such as First Bus buses.
  • iMeasure Energy Savings – they had numerous consultation sessions with us to see what would benefit their site so it could beat competitors. We optimised their site ensuring traffic could understand the website easily.
  • Morse Print – we developed their entire site to ensure it was on the same level as their competitors and to make the site easier to navigate through, enhancing sales.
  • Hyde Park Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • House Network – we helped to expand their online business by designing a sleek and exciting new website.
  • Brompton – we developed their buy page to enhance sales.
  • Katy Perry Beauty – we transformed their website making it appealing, as well as making it easy to use for mobile devices.

Satisfaction Of Our Clients

The projects not only come from our own websites, but also from recommendations, agencies, and other web development companies worldwide, which have all come to realise that we will do our utmost to ensure that the client is more than satisfied with our work.

Should we obtain a project through another company, then we always ensure that the client is made aware that we will only work through the company that they originally placed their order with.

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